Matthew Eads

Gourmet Griller / Cookbook Author

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Why Did Matthew Eads Choose Lynx?

"I chose Lynx because they are the pinnacle of form, function, versatility, and durability. Not only do Lynx grills perform better than any gas grill on the market (and I’ve cooked on just about every grill known to man) but they look good in the process. The attention to detail that goes into every Lynx product is extraordinary with a product portfolio that allowed me to build my dream outdoor kitchen where the culinary possibilities are only limited by my imagination. Because my kitchen is exposed to some pretty harsh elements, I knew I needed the second to none durability that Lynx offers. I live in the South East where it’s extremely humid 9 months out of the year - and everything rusts…except my Lynx equipment. It’s built to last!"

- Matthew Eads


Matt is a cookbook author, food blogger, professional grilling instructor and founder of He has mastered the art of gourmet grilling and proves that outdoor cooking can and should be an everyday pleasure. He learned early on that great food doesn’t happen by chance and has been honing his culinary skills over the last 30 years. His earliest memories of outdoor cooking and his primal desire to cook over a flame ignited Matt’s lifelong passion for bringing people together around a grill and serving the perfect dish.


His new book Grillseeker: Basics of Everyday Grilling is available for purchase on Amazon. It is currently the #1 rated book in the Grilling Category. 



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